About Us

The story of Albatros

  • Since the establishment of Albatros in 2009, the first objective was to provide natural cosmetics extracted from the salts and minerals of the Dead Sea.

  • In addition to supporting the products with the extension of some natural herbal extracts that have positive effects on the skin and hair.

  • The biggest challenge was to achieve the quality of cosmetic products that compete famous brands market in the world.

  • But the results were beautiful as we were able to access the products of Albatros to many countries of the world; east and west through many agents and distributors.

  • We understand the passion of people to return to mother nature and the fear of chemical preparations and their side effects so we are here to balance.

  • With our success.

Our Mission

  • Create an innovative, sustainable, competitive & respected cosmetic industry in the Middle East and Europe.

  • Earn customers trust by fostering transparent & reliable relationships rith public authorities & stakeholders, this enables to communicate most effectively the social & economic relevance of the cosmetics in terms of satisfying consumer needs.

Our Achievements

  • We have become a leading producer of Dead Sea Products in the markets that we started working with, approximately 90% of Albatros sales, derived from exports & the remaining 10% were form it's home town market (Amman - Jordan) & tourists from all around the world visiting the Dead Sea area.

The exclusive right to supply Albatros products in Ukraine belongs to

Sole Trader Muhsen Abbas Rashed Abbas,

Phone: (067)534-08-24, (044)334-32-54,

E-mail: boss@albatros.net.ua.